Clean-up at Otrokpe

Ada Tourism Stakeholder Association has organized the next clean-up yesterday in Otrokpe! This one as well was very successful. The community cleaned a huge area and over 100 people were helping. Radio Ada, ZoomLion, Environmental Health, the Assembly and the Volta Revival Foundation also showed up and supported. There is a new Container and six new waste bins now in Otrokpe! We are very happy about how well everything went!

Turtle Season

It’s turtle season! Just yesterday we’ve been very lucky to see this leatherback at the Beach close to Ada. We can arrange night tours with Wildlife Divison for you!

More Information you can find on our Tours Page.

Clean-up at Azizakpe

Yesterday we had the big Clean-up at Azizakpe! Over 120 people showed up and worked hard to remove the waste from the riverside. What a successful start and as you see, what amazing results! Many members of the Azizakpe-Community were helping and many of the involved stakeholders showed up and supported them.
Ada Tourism Stakeholder Association thanks everybody for this great start of the Clean-Ada-Campaign!