Workshop Creating an Online Presence

The final workshop of this year’s volunteer batch took place on the 17th of November 2022 and was held at Peace Holiday Resort. The workshop was building up on the third workshop “Digital Marketing” and elaborated the topics of this workshop. The recent workshop was on a more application-oriented level.

Mrs. De Vecchi gave a presentation on the association’s digital marketing campaign. The participants learned about the new brand slogan “Life is Art – Life is Ada” created by the association, which all tourism actors in the region should use and share. Stickers were handed out, but more importantly, the slogan should be shared online as a hashtag under #LifeIsAda. Likewise, supporters should follow the hashtag #LifeIsAda on instagram to see all updates.

Life is Art – Life is Ada – The new corporate slogan for the region. You are welcomed to download the sticker and use it for yourself

In the second part of the workshop, Mrs. Rüttger carried out the practical implementation and explained to the participants how to set up a Google Business account and how to create an Instagram account for their organization.

Workshop Digital Marketing

The third workshop from this year’s volunteer-program was taking place at the Business Resort Center on the 3rd November 2022.

Mr. Treku, as the CEO of the Inter Tourism Expo, and Mr. Ahadzie, as a representative of the Ada Tourism Association informed the participants of the importance of digital marketing for pushing tourism forward.

In this day and age more and more customers are researching and booking their holidays online. This is why a good online presence is important. You have to advertise your organization online, you have to be found easily through Google Search, have an own website, a facebook page and even an instagram account. Customers have to find you easily, see what you are offering, see pictures of your services and have to be able to contact you easily. This is why you need basic knowledge of digital marketing.

Workshop Customer Service Excellence

The second workshop of this year’s ASA-project took place on the 20th of October 2022 at Peace Holiday Resort. The three speakers Mrs. McCarthy, Mr. Agbenuzah and Mrs. Adjanor have been talking of the importance of customer service for the quality of tourism in the region.

Good customer service is influencing tourism numbers highly, if a customer felt well taken care of their needs and enjoyed the place they stayed in, they are more likely to visit again. Through generating more visits more revenue in the whole community is generated, because those guests are also spending money outside the hotel and in the city.

Listening to customers needs, listening to their complaints, helping them with information and tips concerning their stay will make their stay most pleasant – this is just what every tourism player should be focused on.

Excellent customer service is the heart of successful tourism.

Workshop Security & Safety

The Capacity Building Workshop “Safety and Security” was held on the 13th of October 2022 at Peace Holiday Resort.

Around 50 participants were present at the workshop, representing local tourism players such as hotel staff, tour guides, site managers, boat operators and many more. The two speakers Mr. Afezame, representing the Ghana Lifesaving and Diving Association, and Mr. AB I Obed Ampofo, representing the Ghana Navy – Ada East District, educated and informed the participants of the importance of safety and security measures on land and on water. The focus of this workshop was on boat operators and educating them on safety measures, such as keeping their vessel sea worthy and performing CPR.

The workshop was a full success, many people participated and engaged.

Clean-Up at Otrokpe

Ada Tourism Stakeholder Association has organized the next clean-up yesterday in Otrokpe! This one as well was very successful. The community cleaned a huge area and over 100 people were helping. Radio Ada, ZoomLion, Environmental Health, the Assembly and the Volta Revival Foundation also showed up and supported. There is a new Container and six new waste bins now in Otrokpe! We are very happy about how well everything went!

Turtle Season

It’s turtle season! Just yesterday we’ve been very lucky to see this leatherback at the Beach close to Ada. We can arrange night tours with Wildlife Divison for you!

More Information you can find on our Tours Page.

Clean-Up at Azizakpe

Yesterday we had the big Clean-up at Azizakpe! Over 120 people showed up and worked hard to remove the waste from the riverside. What a successful start and as you see, what amazing results! Many members of the Azizakpe-Community were helping and many of the involved stakeholders showed up and supported them.
Ada Tourism Stakeholder Association thanks everybody for this great start of the Clean-Ada-Campaign!