Asafotufiami Festival

The annual Asafotufiami festival is one of the biggest events in the region. It celebrates ancient wars and draws a big crowd of people to Ada.

Historically, the Asafotufiami is a remembrance of ancient wars with neighboring tribes such as the Ewe. The “Asafotu” are companies of warriors who fire their muskets in celebration. These days, the festival is a grand homecoming for the Ada diaspora.

The celebration starts on Thursday in the first week of August and goes on until the following week. Young men are initiated and instructed in the ancient tactics of warfare, the paramount chief of Ada and the chiefs of the various clans gather for processions and speeches and parties and celebrations continue throughout the whole festival. On Sunday, there is an open air church service and the following days are filled with beach parties, boat races, river excursions and football matches.