Workshop Creating an Online Presence

The final workshop of this year’s volunteer batch took place on the 17th of November 2022 and was held at Peace Holiday Resort. The workshop was building up on the third workshop “Digital Marketing” and elaborated the topics of this workshop. The recent workshop was on a more application-oriented level.

Mrs. De Vecchi gave a presentation on the association’s digital marketing campaign. The participants learned about the new brand slogan “Life is Art – Life is Ada” created by the association, which all tourism actors in the region should use and share. Stickers were handed out, but more importantly, the slogan should be shared online as a hashtag under #LifeIsAda. Likewise, supporters should follow the hashtag #LifeIsAda on instagram to see all updates.

Life is Art – Life is Ada – The new corporate slogan for the region. You are welcomed to download the sticker and use it for yourself

In the second part of the workshop, Mrs. Rüttger carried out the practical implementation and explained to the participants how to set up a Google Business account and how to create an Instagram account for their organization.