We don’t only want the best for our guest, but also the best for our community. That’s why we set a high value on being part of the community. This means that we buy local products, employ people from the region and are in active exchange with the various local actors.

Every year we have projects in collaboration with a german organization called ASA – Engagement Global, that are very much in the spirit of the communities. As much as those german volunteers are supporting us on our mission to bring prosperity to our community and to protect nature, your involvement is needed as well! Through your visits to us, donations and volunteer activities you can become active yourself. Please feel free to contact us to get involved!

2022:  Building Local Capacity And Resilience In Response To Covid-19 Impact and Recovery, Through Digital Marketing of Ada Tourism Industries For Increased Revenue Generation

 Re-Energizing the Tourism Sector in Ada Foah to benefit the whole community 

Ada, having been declared as the tourism enclave in Ghana by the sector regulator (GTA) in December 2018, and with tourism accounting for 1 out of every 10 jobs in Ada per our survey in 2018; this project is composed to boost the rural tourism economy with direct benefits to actors along the tourism value/experience chain including 15 hotel & guest house managers, 30 boat operators, 11 tour guides, 14 attraction site managers, 3 tour operators, and indirectly benefit tourism allied services including the local transport service providers, artefact dealers, vegetable farmers etc in the jurisdiction of Ada local tourism enclave. 

The Ada Tourism Stakeholder Association’s objectives are improving cooperation between stakeholders to promote the existing and potential assets (ecological and cultural heritages especially) of Ada on national and international platforms, and through that boosting the tourism sector creating more jobs especially for the youth. Being a Stakeholder of the Association will lead to a network of strong players who all work jointly on benefiting from tourism. If the community is benefiting as a whole, each individual and each facility is benefitting as well. 

Three german volunteers are helping to achieve those premises in 2022, by doing radio contributions, setting up four capacity building workshops, content creation, establishing a digital marketing campaign and doing stakeholder management.

Workshop Customer Service Excellence
Workshop Customer Service Excellence

2019: Fighting environmental pollution at Songor Lagoon communities

In 2019 the focus of our project was the Songor Lagoon, which connects Ada West, Ada East Districts and the South Atlantic Ocean of Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Its natural and cultural values made it an asset to the local, national and international communities as it provides solar salt and hosts more than 50 species of migratory and local birds, and other endangered species.

In partnership with different Stakeholders in waste management and sanitation in Ada the Ada Tourism Association has organised a number of activities to contribute to sustainable efforts aimed at combating the problems of waste, especially plastic waste at the Songor Lagoon.

2018: Mangrove Conservation and Waste Management

In 2018, we managed to bring together the many different Stakeholders in waste management and sanitation. In addition, we were able to focus on the topic through two large Clean Up campaigns with more than 100 participants each, who were accompanied by the media. It was especially important for us to enable the exchange between the population and private and public actors. This gave people the opportunity to express their wishes and concerns and to exchange solutions.
In the area of mangrove protection, we were able to organise an educational unit on mangrove protection and a mangrove planting activity.

2017: Habitat regeneration to support ecotourism and climate change mitigation efforts

We developed awareness creation materials, organist seminars for stakeholders of Ada Tourism Stakeholders Association, in the field of climate change.

Additionally we coordinated watering of planted coconut trees by community women and youth.

2016: Improving The Local Tourism Industry in Ada

To expand the local revenue to facilitate execution of conservation activities and job creation, we replaced existing physical barriers restricting easy access to tourist sites and expanded alternative revenue mobilization mechanisms. Additionally we enhanced visibility and access within and between three major sites by developing tourist routes and signage’s using local materials.

2015: Establishment of Baseline Data for Sustainable Tourism Destination Management

The main goals was to establish Baseline Data (measure of degree of benefit/damage to environmental resources, socio-cultural assets and economic activities) against which future development can be monitored. Additionally we improved our management information systems used by stakeholders at the Ada destination, to involve the Baseline Data into our future steps.

2010 – 2014: COST

Ada is one of the Collaborative Action for Sustainable Tourism (COAST) Project’s demonstration sites. The COAST Project utilizes GEF funding in an implementation structure that brings together three UN agencies (UNEP, UNIDO and UNWTO) to “demonstrate and support the adoption of best practice strategies for sustainable tourism to reduce the degradation of marine and coastal environments of trans-boundary significance.