Songor Lagoon

Visit the Songor Lagoon, the biggest natural salt mining area in Ghana, only about 15 minutes drive from Ada.

The Songor Lagoon has a great impact on the lives of the people in the area as it is an important economic source, a religious ground and has a political undertone. It touches the lives of everybody around and is sometimes even an issue for national politics. At this communal salt field you can watch locals at all stages of salt production: from inducing salt water from the ocean into the pans, the crystallization when it dries to washing and packing the salt into bags and loading them unto trucks. Although this communal work is still in place today, the changes can already be witnessed. Some big companies have started operation there and might suppress individual miners by and by. Also the lack of official land titles leads to tensions and difficulties among miners.

Apart from having a look at the salt mining activities, it is also an excellent place for watching the wintering European birds. The Wildlife Division has put up some observation towers and offers guided tours to the sight.