The Only few people know where Ada Foah has got its name from. The reason is the fort near the Presbyterian church that gave the town its name to distinguish the two Adas: Ada Fort, village of the fort.


Fort Kongenstein was built by the Danish traders in 1783 to defend their trading post against the attacking neighboring tribes. Trade was one of the main sources of income and there were also large warehouses for storing the trading goods. But unfortunately, these buildings all disappeared into the sea. Later when the Europeans had left, the buildings were used as a prison and police station.


As the sea comes closer more than 1.5 meters each year, it is gradually washing the building into the ocean. Half of it is already eroded but hopefully the upcoming construction of the sea defense wall will stop this progress.


The Presbyterian Church in Ada Foah is a missionary church that was built by the first generation of Ghanaian Christians at around 1890.


It never used to be close to the shore but with the approaching ocean it has now a seaside location. Some holy places of the chapel have already been washed to the sea. There also used to be a cross on top of the tower which was destroyed during a lightening.


The chapel and the tower can be visited anytime the cathequist is around or just attend the usual Sunday church service.


At the cemetery next to the Presbyterian Church in Ada Foah the graves of early European missionaries and foreign traders can be visited.


When the missionaries came to Ghana in the 19th century they faced harsh conditions that they were not adapted to. Many died very


young of various tropical diseases. These missionaries were buried at the cemetery next to the Presbyterian church in Ada Foah. This cemetery that was reserved to reverend ministers, missionaries and important church-related people was also the last resting place for Presbyterians from the Volta Region. An additional cemetery closer to the ocean was built for foreign traders and seamen. One chief also attempted to secure himself a picturesque grave site there and built the grave already during his living time. But unfortunately, the people were against it and when he died his authority died with him and he was buried at the chief cemetery like this was supposed to be. So still today the empty grave with a big cross on top is waiting there for being used.


Spend a night or visit one of the local cemeteries.


If a person travels to a place where he has no relatives or friends to stay with, the safest place to spend the night is the cemetery. This might seem odd, but presumably it is quite common for people to sleep on top of the graves. Cemeteries are generally ordered by confessions, so there is an area for Methodists, one for Presbyterians and so on. All non-believers are buried in the Fetish area of the cemetery.


If you want to spend the night or just have a look at one of the big cemeteries you can just wander about by yourself and might be joined by an ad hoc guide or get in touch with the Tourist Information Center.

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